Eoin Morgan – keep him at five or six

Eoin Morgan plays an unmental shotEoin Morgan can play mental reverse sweeps and ping shots into someone’s picnic off the weighty part of his bat, but we’re most impressed by the fact that he seems largely unarsed about playing international cricket.

He plays straight, he wanders down the pitch, maybe he edges the ball, but whatever he’s doing, he looks pretty certain of himself.

England will be tempted to shunt him further up the order as the years pass. They shouldn’t. The top order will come to enjoy having an Eoin cushion and it will help them bat.

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5 Appeals

  1. You know they won’t listen to you.

    Morgan will be moved to 3 or 4. He will do badly and be dropped.

  2. And Ian Bell or Ravi Bopara will be brought back in his place.

  3. gotta say, the guy hits it very cleanly. sort of reminiscent of yuvraj singh.

  4. Not bad, today, not bad at all. Batting at 5 IIRC.

  5. The last player you complimented for being unarsed was Ravi Bopara, and as soon as you said it he got himself a huge arse, mistook it for his elbow, and became Crap At All Forms Of International Cricket.

    There is a dark side to your power, KC. Use it wisely.

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