Let us tell you about Eoin Morgan from England’s World Cup squad

Eoin Morgan (via YouTube)

There was a time when England’s captain was just about the most exciting other-worldly batsman around. How times change.

Eoin Morgan’s big thing used to be flitting between flappy-wristed paddle shots where you couldn’t really work out if he was batting left or right handed and whopping great big solid-wristed sixes. But now half the batsmen in the world play like that, so he’s had to come up with a new thing.

Eoin Morgan’s new thing is ‘not smiling’. Whatever is happening in the match, you can pretty much guarantee that Morgan won’t be smiling or presenting any sort of facial expression at all really.

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  1. What would he be smiling about? In his last 10 ODIs, Windies (!) and Pakistan (!!)(!?) have been scoring around 350 regularly. #GoodBowlingAttack #WorldCupBanter

  2. I shall be posting a few Ogblog memory pieces about the very first cricket world cup over the coming days. For reasons that will be revealed in the first of those, I needed first to write up my very first cricket memory.

    It is also a very ancient “cricketers spotted” of sorts:


    I was a cute kid. Then I grew up.

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