Let us tell you about Moeen Ali from England’s World Cup squad

Moeen Ali (via YouTube)

Moeen Ali is a man who might hit the finest hundred you’ve ever seen, but probably won’t… but might. He also bowls off-spin that we’ve just this second decided to label ‘accomplished’.

To be absolutely clear, bowling is Moeen’s main thing. He is, first and foremost, a bowling Ali. To be equally clear, his batting has greater potential to be tremendously fun.

It’s very fashionable for batsmen to be built like brick shithouses these days, but Moeen proves that you can pepper the crowd using nothing more than willowy spaghetti arms, a massive great backswing and the flawless timing of David Gower.

Moeen also proves that these qualities are no guarantee of regular high scores.

He’s good at catching too.

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  1. He will also be in possession of the best beard at the world cup, from any team (just beating Hashim Amla). I feel this needs mentioning.

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