Dhanuka Pathirana sets the standard

We’re in the middle of the Twenty20 World Cup and what is considered acceptable batting behaviour is changing by the day.

Yuvraj Singh’s 12 ball fifty the other day is only three balls shy of the perfect half-century – the minimum number of balls required to pass the landmark. However, if he thinks that hitting six sixes off an over is impressive, he clearly doesn’t know much about Twenty20 cricket.

A couple of weeks ago, in the Saddleworth league, a player by the name of Dhanuka Pathirana played an innings of such astoundingly sustained destruction we can’t even comprehend it. It was the kind of sporting performance that doesn’t belong in cricket. It was more akin to darts or ten-pin bowling where perfection’s the norm and matches are decided by rare mistakes.

Playing for Austerlands against Droylsden, Dhanuka Pathirana hit 277 off just 72 balls. That’s a whisker away from being four runs a ball OVER 72 BALLS. If you batted for 72 balls and hit every other ball for six, you’d still only end up with 216. Pathirana hit 29 sixes and 18 fours.

Back when 20 over cricket was just ‘cricket’ this probably wouldn’t have been such big news, but now it’s ‘Twenty20’ and branded so it’s massive.

Thanks to Raoul for pointing this out to us. Ages ago.

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  1. James Hibberd (formally of Hampshire hit 158 off 47 balls. Not quite so impressive until you remember he is actually a bowler. He then took 4-for

    more details

  2. In other, non-Twenty20 news, Mark Ramprakash has again passed 2000 runs for the season averaging over 100. That’s Grimlock in the bag, then.

  3. King Cricket

    September 21, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    Twenty20 World Cup semi finals, Mark Ramprakash Transformer update and denouement of the County Championship.

    You’re all staying indoors reading King Cricket this weekend.

  4. Dhanuka Pathirana already sounds like more of a One day player than half the english team.

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