England v Ireland – how should we feel?

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Stop beckoning the pterodactyl and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU

We’re really struggling to know how to feel about Ireland in this World Cup. When they played Bangladesh the other day, they were the underdogs, but Bangladesh are underdogs at Test level. Do we support the underdog on the day or our long-term underdog?

For England v Ireland, we’re obviously supporting England, but we don’t seem to want to see Ireland thrashed like we might if the same teams were playing each other at another sport – rugby, say.

Like everyone in the North-West of England, we have a few Irish ancestors somewhere along the line. You’d think that might have some sort of influence on us, but we’ve seen enough Americans claiming to be “Irish” even though they’ve never so much as visited the country that we will never EVER go down that route.

Roll on Ireland v South Africa. We need some certainty in our life.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. So Ireland are our third favourite side and have so far played one and two.

    If it weren’t for the picture, we’d be experiencing slight regret about clicking ‘publish’ on this post.

  2. Nice to be reminded of the pterodactyl.

    Strauss going for the Vaughan tickle rather than the Collingwood punch.

  3. Never mind Bangladesh. What about the Associate v Associate clashes?

    23rd match of the tournament will be Canada against Kenya.

    The 37th match of the tournament, in March 2013 will be Netherlands against Ireland.

    Assuming we haven’t died by then, what the hell are we supposed to think of these fixtures?
    Is it patronising to say we don’t mind who wins as long as everyone tries their best?

  4. There is no uncertainty in any of this. This website has been without pterodactyl captions for too long, full stop! What was the question again?

    (Did you like the ironic punctuation, though? That took ages, that did.)

    1. Pterodactyls are all fine, but KC’s unconscious propensity to use majuscules is worrying.

  5. Pete, I was so looking forward to going to that game (Canada v Kenya) for exactly the same reason – it would have been be a pure cricket-watching experience without emotional angle of supporting your team, or the underdog, or whoever-is-not-Australia.

    But THERE ARE NO TICKETS LEFT! I can just imagine the din 35,000 neutral but nevertheless enthusiastic spectators will create at the stadium in Delhi.

  6. The way it is going I think embarrassment will be our default position on the game.

  7. Good lad, O’Brien. I haven’t felt this good about an innings against England since Brian Lara retook the world test batting record. And for EXACTLY the same reason.

  8. “…we don’t seem to want to see Ireland thrashed…”

    Well thank goodness for that, at least. Anyway, while I see if I can get a bet of everything I own on who will be man of the match, it is worth remembering that in three matches, England has failed to keep their opponents to under 290. Now I’m no Simon Hughes, but I reckon I can see the beginnings of a theory here.

  9. How about the following:

    Being shit at bowling and fielding is no way to go about winning a World Cup.

  10. KC I think it might be time to play up your Irish heritage a bit more.

    I shall have to console myself with those two old friends kept in reserve for this kind of thing “its an increasingly irrelevant form of the game” and “sixes are great but I take equal delight in a well-played defensive stroke”

  11. also @Rocket hat – can’t believe they have sold 35,000 tickets to that game!

    As for the din I’ll beleive it when I see it. Minnow v Minnow at the FIFA jamboree either never sells-out, or they are given to corporate sponsors who can’t be bothered to turn up.

  12. Just the one discipline let England down this time – bowling, fielding and the decision made at the toss.

  13. I was trying to be sarcastic. Out of the 35000 seats, only a tiny fraction were put on sale. The rest have been given to the ICC’s “corporate partners” and to various cricket associations in India.

    No wonder the stands are empty for neutral matches. And my poor colleague who wanted to take his 5-year old for his first cricket match had to return empty handed. Fuck ICC!

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