Marcus North has plenty to think about

Marcus North awaits the ball with his name on it

Watching England bowl on a wearing Adelaide pitch, it was apparent that while batting might not be treacherous, there is plenty for the batsmen to think about.

The ball turns from certain spots, tempting gaps are left and when even Paul Collingwood can prove dangerous, you know you’ve got to have your wits about you. Where can you score? Where can you score safely?

Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey generally got their thinking right, but Marcus North is in first thing in the morning and it might be more difficult for him.

We wrote about how Australia are becoming depressed over at The Wisden Cricketer. We don’t mean clinically; we mean there’s an increasing tendency to dwell on the negative. The negatives get out of proportion and it skews their overall view of things, leading to poor decisions.

Marcus North has reason to dwell on the negatives because there’s been talk of dropping him for as long as anyone can remember.

North will be thinking ‘I can score here’ and ‘I could get out here’ when he surveys the field, but then he’ll also think about what it might mean should he get out. That’s counterproductive. When he’s thinking that, he’s not weighing up the field and the bowling.

The only way Marcus North can affect whether he gets dropped or not is by concentrating on the matter in hand, but that’s easier said than done.

Incidentally, anyone who isn’t starting their day by catching up with the previous night’s through-the-night thread needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

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55 Appeals

  1. Marcus North will have precisely one ball to consider his career as Pietersen goes on to complete his hat-trick, and the match is all over by lunchtime. There will be a parade of baby badgers.
    Tight But Loose has seen the vision.
    I’m just filling in the unlikely details.

  2. i think the big question is how long can matt prior continue with that ridiculous beard.

    he looks like he’s stuck his face in a barrel full of badgers.

  3. australia played a hobbling Katich over any other opener. It shows there is no one the selectors think is better than the ones in the playing XI. North has nothing to fear. HE can go out and fail with absolutely nothing to fear

  4. This is fast becoming one of the most badger-heavy threads in existence. Tea and cake for everyone!

    I have seen the vision – and England will wrap this test up in the first innings, if only so I can actually sleep in my bed rather than fall asleep on the couch and wake up smelling faintly of apple vodka.

    It will be good to watch the battle of the part time spinners – although as JF rightly points out, it won’t last for very long with KP’s huge spinning hands.

  5. Do his hands spin? No wonder he gets so much turn.

  6. He has spinning hands and judo chopping action

  7. TBL – they will wrap up the match in the first innings?

    That would be extraordinary.

    “You built a time machine…out of a DeLorean?

  8. “May you live in interesting times”

    Ok, not so interesting that we win in the first innings, but let’s say just interesting enough for us to win in the first session tonight.

    Apologies I am plainly sobering up and this is affecting me

  9. Most of the team are stuck in the ‘denial’ phase, although a few of them look like they are hitting ‘anger’.

    Look for the ‘bargaining’ to begin towards the end of the Perth test. I think it will take until day 4 of the Melbourne test to hit ‘depression’. By then the selectors will hopefully have ‘acceptance’ of the fact that most of the team need to be put to the sword. Starting with punter.

    Katich when he’s fit to bat would be a good captain otherwise we could probably do worse than promote one of the more competent shield captains. Only then can the team halt the decline and start winning again.

  10. King cricket, can I please remind you of your posts over the last few years concerning the strength and depth of Australian cricket. Would you care to reappraise your claims?

  11. King Cricket

    December 6, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Nope. They’re creating an environment where good players can’t perform – that’s our point.

    Also, North was not the best number six batsman available to Australia when he was brought into the side. He was picked cause he bowls a bit of spin. That he’s got a few hundreds and a fair-to-decent Test record confirms our belief that there is depth to Australia’s batting pool.

  12. The way his career has gone so far, he will score a hundred tomorrow

  13. Marcus North’s last 10 innings

    0, 20, 16, 0, 0, 10, 128, 3, 1, 26.

    Average 20.40.

    Just so as we know.

  14. Oh, he also averages 19 in the 3rd or 4th innings. So there’s that.

  15. Everything you wanted to know about prospects of play today but were afraid to ask – return to these links regularly if you dare:

  16. It’s 8am there and it’s 20 degrees already.
    Only a few little green showers on the radar – perhaps it’s linked into Bert’s orange snow from last night.

    It’s minus 8 here.
    Duvet, leccy blanket AND PJs tonight.

  17. -8? Try -18 with no heating on for size, softie.

    Incidentally, here’s Radelaide this morning.

  18. broad out of the series.

    the inevitable decline.

    it begins.

  19. HUSSEY!!!!!


    That’s apple vodka all round

  20. Yep, calls for alcohol.

  21. BOOM!!


    Well I’m still going to drink

  22. Dawg – of all the people in the world would you allow Sean Bean to do a voice over for your product? I don’t get it myself


    King Pair for Harris!!

    Anderson on a hatrick!!

    Tight drinking like a student

  24. This shit jut got real!!



  25. I wouldn’t trust a Liensk Cossack with anything.

    Tight – I’m worried that in the 6 yard voyage to my fridge I may miss a wicket. Tell me when there is an opportune gap in the collapse coming up please.

  26. success.

  27. Incredible. What a performance.

  28. Nice work Dawg – this is hardcore!

  29. Trebles all round!!

  30. Even more incredibly I might get to sleep in my bed tonight – there’s a Winter weight duvet and a wife in there

  31. Hello all. COME ON ENGLAND!

  32. I’ve dug myself out from under the duvet to join in agian!
    keep drinking Tight!
    you foresaw it

  33. Are we due badgers soon?

    Ohh. Wicket. More drink called for.

  34. It’s good to see Monty with the drinks. I’m really hoping he’s wearing flip-flops. Or indeed thongs as our Antipodean cousins would say

  35. I wish all the action could happen in the first hour of play every day. It’s so considerate for those of us staying up.

  36. Miriam , have you heard from Jrod in the last few hours?

  37. pardon my short memory, but when was the last time england won by an innings against australia ?

  38. Pavan, they’ve just brought that up on the obo at guardianland. 1993, when Curtly ripped the aussies asunder.

    Big fan of badgers, CEL Ambrose

  39. Ged’s Adelaide rain site is still looking favourable. But badness coming in from the west…

  40. that was great

  41. Shit!

    Did you see that?

    That’s the fifer Swanny

  42. Wheeeeeee

    badgers all round!!!!!

  43. Badgers soaked in vodka – that’s my tipple of choice

  44. Tight – oh visionary seer – you foresaw it.
    Now go and wake up the wife and tell her the good news

  45. The wife is Australian so she will be ecstatic

  46. was asking about england beating australia by an innings. But the thought of ambrose ripping through australia brings smiles.

    Also, to all the cricket loving, badger hating, vodka drinking, insomniacs, cheers on the victory 🙂

  47. @String

    was asking about england beating australia by an innings. But the thought of ambrose ripping through australia brings smiles.

    Also, to all the cricket loving, badger hating, vodka drinking, insomniacs, cheers on the victory

    P.S. I hope the video umpire doesn’t mind 🙂

  48. Oh King, are you with your subjects tonight?

  49. Daisy awake and seriously cheered up.

    Ged also awake and wondering whether to finish this rather large glass of wine – think I shall.

    Rain about 1 hour away from Adelaide methinks, but who cares now?

  50. Bestial roars all round chaps and chapesses.


  51. JF – I should not have clicked the oh so inviting badger link at work. That may have been a mistake…

    Ged your Venn is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

  52. Howard A. Catswell

    December 7, 2010 at 11:24 am

    There’s something immensely pleasing about the phrase ‘Commemorative Victory Venn’ – and the Venn itself more than matches up to its promise.

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