Mark Butcher with scissors and a cup of tea

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Not at the same time – that would be MENTAL.

Here he is with the scissors:

Nervous looking balloons being threatened by an ex-cricketer

And here he is with a cup of tea:

Good technique from Butcher there

If you’re wondering what’s going on here, our correspondent said that Mark was at “some sort of thing”.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. So you’re not even crediting your sources these days?

    Maybe an e-mail to the copyright holder is in order.

  2. Mark Butcher has a long coat in one of the pictures and not in the other. If the coat was hung up I hope the peg or coat stand was a suitable distance off the floor to stop the coat from dragging on the ground.

    1. I used to wear a coat just like that one, but didn’t really like the way it looked on me.

      Daisy now wears it instead and she really does look quite fetching in it, despite the fact that it is a men’s coat and it trails quite close to the ground on her.

      Any half-decent peg or coat stand should be able to accomodate such a coat. Such utilities are rare in Croydon, though, I must warn you.

    2. “I used to wear a coat just like that one, but didn’t really like the way it looked on me.”

      Five sizes too large you mean? That thing is enormous. It makes daneel’s comment downthread extra funny.

    3. If it were 5 sizes to large for me it would be 8 sizes too large for Daisy.

      Actually I think Butch is wearing about the roght size for him – that’s the way that sort of coat is suppsoed to look, Daneel.

      Here in London we really do fashion but we don’t really do throdkin. OK?

    4. Why I’m blaming Daneel for Tybalt’s comments I cannot imagine.

      Also I don’t know why my typing has gone haywire just because I’ve eaten too much, drunk too much and stayed up till all hours watching Oz v Ind on TV…


    1. Sorry, wasn’t around yesterday.

      Our correspondent asked not to be associated with the photographs for some reason. We’d hate to inadvertently identify them via a poorly worded comment.

  3. The first picture is a classic action shot – the cut part of the ribbon is still falling away, the scissors still with that slight upward motion characteristic of the exhibition cut. The photographer has got the timing perfectly, just as Mark hovers past held aloft by those four balloons. It takes years of practice to be able to take such photos.

    Sadly, the second picture is fake. One of the boys is a foot too tall to be at a prep school, two of the others have overly-cliched foppy hair, and the fourth boy has his top button done up. No, it’s been photoshopped for definite, as I’m sure Ceci will verify. It is an old photo of Mark on the moon chatting to Elvis that has been cropped and poorly stuck on this piece.

    1. I’m highly suspicious of the idea that they have prep schools in Croydon, if truth be told

      (cue sound of cat making very catty noise)

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