Mark Ramprakash reverts to type

Same picture for the same storyThree hundreds in as many innings for Mark Ramprakash now – the middle one a double and he hasn’t been dismissed in any of them. He’s 133 not out overnight against Sussex.

Mark Ramprakash must be the only batsman in history who can cause people to mull on his mental frailties by hitting three successive hundreds.

There are a lot of batsmen out there who’d bat without a box for a chance to have their mental frailties dwelt over after three successive hundreds.

Not Graham Thorpe though. There was a man for whom the ball was magnetically attracted to the groin. He wouldn’t have risked genital liberation for a dozen hundreds in a row.

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14 Appeals

  1. So what did Murray Goodwin say to Ramps that meant he had to be restrained by two umpires, eh?

    I bet he wasn’t questioning his parentage.

    I reckon there’s been a wee dig about mental strength and he’s lost it, therefore proving Mr Goodwin right.
    He did go on to score his century after that, but anyone can score a century when they’ve got the rage.

    By anyone, I mean anyone but me, I have rage, and I haven’t scored a century in years.

  2. King Cricket

    August 21, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Maybe you haven’t got quite enough rage.

    You’d better press on with the rage so as to eliminate that possibility, if nothing else.

  3. So far, I have stayed silent on the whole Mark Ramprakash issue. I am now going to bear my sole by removing my light from the proverbial bushel.

    Pietersen has just had a pop at him by saying that he couldn’t handle the pressure of scoring his hundredth hundred. Well, Kevin, each game that Ramps played, while on 99 hundreds, built the pressure up and up and up. By the time he got to Headingley the other week the pressure was at vesuvius like proportions. Mark Ramprakash scored a hundred. Enough said.

    I have mentioned Justin Langer’s comments else where on this site, but if Langer thinks that Ramps is the real deal then that’s good enough for me.

    Unfortunately, Ramprakash will never again be picked for England. A plethora of moronic media punditary, to a Boycottian level, will see to that.

  4. King Cricket

    August 21, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Fair point about the escalatation of pressure.

    Don’t see why you needed to get that fish out though.

    No? No-one in the mood for jokes based on pedantry?

  5. Bugger bugger bugger.

    I feel like a right spaz now.

    Thanks for pointing it out though.

  6. King Cricket

    August 21, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Can we say ‘it was a pleasure’ and come away unscathed?

    No. No, we can’t.

  7. Don’t worry, no post with bears in it can be bad.

  8. I thought Bears ate Salmon, not sole?

  9. Bollocks – that’s the danger of typing stuff quickly when you’re supposed to be working.

    I’ll just get my kagool.

  10. That’d be kagoule, or cagoul then, Ed.

    Bad day sunshine?

  11. Suave: it waz intendud to bee ironik. I suppose my spazzy spelling would probably negate the effectiveness of such irony though.

  12. King Cricket

    August 21, 2008 at 1:25 pm


  13. Cagoule too Sire, they are all derivatives of Cowl.

    Why we had to refrench a french word to make it British is beyond me.

  14. Ramps would only have made a couple of test appearances for Australia. You need to be able to cope upstairs and fit in with the team ethics of the day, witness Stuey Law and his one solitary test appearance. He was pretty sus in the mental department and did not fit in. If he was a Pom, on talent alone, Stuey Law would have made over 100 Test appearances. Chew over that if you will.

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