Zaheer Khan wins an ODI with the ball

Zaheer Khan - strappingAnother one-day international is decided with the ball. Huzzah. It went the other way this time, however.

Zaheer Khan took 4-21 and Sri Lanka crumpled like a supermarket receipt to 142 all out. We’re increasingly thinking that if there’s swing, you want Zaheer Khan in your side.

Bowlers continued to lord it over meek batsmen when India batted, but the target was reached in no-style-at-all with seven wickets down.

This is what one-day cricket’s all about: shambling, spazzy run-chases.

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12 Appeals

  1. Do India have the best “stable” of swing bowlers in the world?

  2. King Cricket

    August 20, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    Yes. Hopefully they don’t feed them Mohammad Asif style dodgy oats though.

  3. here’s to crumpled like a supermarket receipt.

  4. India’s bowlers aren’t stable at all, jrod. Take Sreesanth. Very unstable. Harbhajan even took a swing at Sreesanth. Ergo India has unstable bowlers who swing.

  5. Death to the 438 !
    Long live the short run chases where bowlers dominate.

    Our guys looked like they were in lala land.

    And yes Indias crop is pretty good. Except Stick-shift sreesanth.

  6. If Australia/NZ/England/SA all refuse to play in Pakistan, and they move the Champions Trophy to Sri Lanka, it could be the making of the competition!

  7. King Cricket

    August 21, 2008 at 10:49 am

    All one-day cricket to be played in Dambulla!

  8. I’d prefer the fort at Galle myself!

    Up with watching cricket from historical buildings, with monkeys and snakes!

  9. They should move it to Bangladesh. If the 2004 U19 world cup was anything to go by it would be the most enthusiastically attended Champion’s Trophy ever.

  10. i’m all for low-scorers too, except that at dambulla the side batting first in a day game will usually lose if the teams are well-matched, which makes it a bore

  11. The problem with “major” championships being held in SL is that the TV companies will probably insist on day-night matches…and those just don’t seem to work over there.

    Too much dew, and the humidity seems to make the ball swing like Stringfellow under lights. It makes every day-nighter into a coin-toss lottery.

  12. After Monday’s mauling, Zaheer provided the touch of magic that India so badly needed!
    His bowling came like a breath of fresh air.

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