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Not literally. That would be hideous. (No, we’re never going to spurn an opportunity to make that joke.)

In this month’s issue of The Wisden Cricketer, Kevin Pietersen is asked whether Mark Ramprakash deserves a place in the England side.

“You have a look at his results since the media descended and it shows the character, doesn’t it?”

Pietersen is of course referring to the period after Ramprakash’s 99th hundred. We’ve heard similar things from a few people, but haven’t been particularly convinced. However, we read Pietersen’s interview about five minutes after Ramprakash had hit 200 against Somerset – his 101st first-class hundred.

His hundredth hundred had been in his previous innings and his 99th had been 11 innings before that. There’s certainly no disgrace in going 11 innings without a hundred, but the fact that he then rattled off two on the bounce (one a double) highlights the fact that Ramprakash has higher standards than other batsmen.

Some will take a black and white view on Ramprakash’s temperament, but we’re more inclined towards grey. He did get that hundredth hundred after all.


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  1. I don’t think Ramps is an England contender, any more than Trescothick (who has also been rattling out big scores this year).

    County cricket (especially the County Championship) is qualitatively different to international cricket, and success in one is not necessarily an indicator of success in the other. Even though it’s the only indicator we have – which is nice.

  2. It might even predate the ankylosing spondylitis joke. There’s an even older post featuring ‘not literally’ that we didn’t link to.

    We treat our long-term readers so well.

  3. If I had a say, I’d pick him… What must the man do to be picked? If I offered it, and he didn’t take it, then I’d leave it there and not pick him again.

  4. Do not let your man-on-man jest re KP and the Surrey Pensioner come to the ears of the Ramperverts – a stout (metaphorically speaking, heaven forfend I should impugn their waistlines) band of sisters dedicated to cheering their hero on to his 200th 100.

  5. Graeme Hick looks like he’ll go on playing until he literally drops dead Ceci, so he’ll have 200 in sights as well.

  6. There’s an old proverb which I find particularly relevant in this case:

    “He who disses Ramps gets a kick in the balls.”

    As one of the aforementioned Ramperverts, I am stabbing the little KP effegy as we speak.

  7. Anyone read this week’s Justin Langer column, on the BBC? His description of Ramp’s 101st first class century is quite enlightening…especially considering he’s an Aussie git.

    I’m sure all this ‘loosing his bottle’ shit was started by that prick Boycott.

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