Matthew Hayden – sport’s greatest orator

Never mind cricket. Matthew Hayden’s the greatest speaker in sport, full stop.

“Ultimately it will be my call to look at the bloke that talks to yourself every day in the mirror and say ‘mate it is time to go’ or ‘saddle up, pull your socks up and get on with it, you’ve got South Africa and you’ve got the Ashes’.”

Stephen Fry must be shitting himself.

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8 Appeals

  1. it all makes perfect sense.

    he needs to saddle up before he gets back on the horse otherwise he might get the runs.

  2. Is ‘the bloke that talks to yourself every day in the mirror’ the same as the voice that keeps kicking him? It sounds like a bad case of DID to me.

  3. It must be great having a split personality, I want one. That way I’d actually have some friends.

  4. Haydos and Jesus aren’t friends enough?

  5. I do believe he is John Wayne re-incarnated

  6. Why is Stephen Fry shitting himself? Is he hoping to open the bowling for England against Hayden? He’s got the height for an opening bowler.

  7. wonderful oration from haydox!!!
    he can now seriously think of wrestling as a career
    those guys at wwe talk a lot of gobshit as he does

  8. Sam’s called it right for me!

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