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Fast bowling isn’t just about bowling quickly. It’s also about sitting around worrying about your knee. As such, Australia’s younger bowlers have the perfect role model in Ryan Harris.

Harris is injured again, which is pretty much his default status. Really, the news was that earlier in the week, he was fit – that was what was worth remarking upon. Now we’re back to normal and he’s had to fly home from the IPL after a debilitating workload of 12 overs in three weeks saw his Achilles tendon sustain some form of knackage.

Ryan Harris doesn’t look fragile. Like a potato, he appears lumpy and functional. He’s not like one of these gangly fast bowlers who move like puppets where every component’s stretched to breaking point. Those guys look like they’re made out of cooked spaghetti wrapped around raw spaghetti and you can easily see why something is likely to give way.

But yet Harris is the vulnerable one – particularly his legs. He’s still the best at this. He’s the one showing Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins et al. how it’s done.


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  1. And yet they’re proposing to send him over with the ‘A’ squad, presumably so he can get acclimatised to English injuries before being unavailable for Test duty.

  2. most amusing 🙂 the guy does seem to be as robust as a balsa-wood bookcase. shame for them, good for us… he’d be a pretty good bowler if he could stay fit for more than one match at a time…

  3. “Achilles, we need you to open the innings”
    “But my tendon, it’s acting up again”
    “Hector is opening the bowling for the Delhi Trojans and has promised to break a few heads open. We need you”
    “Sorry, bum heel”.

    That bit could work if Eddie Izzard did it.

    1. ¬Z¬Don’t tempt fate¬Z¬, thundered Ravi, the Greek god of pompously stating the bleeding obvious.

      ¬Z¬That looks like a nasty injury to me¬Z¬, Ravi’s baritone voice continued, from the clouds above the gargantuan amphitheatre of contest.

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