Mitchell Johnson owes Ryan Harris an apology beer

James Anderson and Mitchell Johnson were involved in a little verbal to and fro today.

It culminated in Johnson saying: “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it, mate?”

About 10 seconds later, Anderson yorked Ryan Harris.

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4 Appeals

  1. It’s a great pity for Australian cricket fans that Anderson does not play a contact sport. In the vernacular: “he has a face you just want to punch.”

  2. Faces are very important in contact sports. If they are bent, broken and not in the right order they say “I have taken all this punishment and I’m back for more.” If they are clean, well-ordered and Bros-complexioned, they say “I have played this sport for years and no-one has been fast enough to catch me yet.” Anderson is definitely in the latter category face-wise, but given the appalling lack of opportunities for facial rearrangement in cricket, this might not be for the same reason.

  3. Do-do arms are also important.

    And Mitchell Johson has one heck of a do-do arm.

  4. Bert – Mike Gatting certainly falls into the first category.

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