Mitchell Johnson leaves a straight one

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You couldn’t make it up. Mitchell Johnson LITERALLY doesn’t know what a straight delivery is.

James Anderson pointed one towards the stumps and Johnson, alarmed, thought: ‘What the hell is that?’ and padded up. The umpire’s finger rose.

Johnson is probably still pondering this exotic trickery now; planning how he’ll expose James Anderson as a warlock.


  1. bet is wasn’t Koertzen umpiring. He doesn’t give straight ones, ask Ian Bell.

  2. I was saying some very bad words at the tv due to the stupidity of the aussies padding up (especially Hussey). I haven’t seen anything that stupid since Alderman was bowling in 89.

    also, koertzen does give straight ones when they are going over the top. He’s having such a bad series that it could be time to do the kind thing and bring the white screen onto the field.

  3. Bob Willis had a top rant about Rudi this evening – think he would dispense with the white screen (and the humane killer) and just strike him down

  4. I was there!!

    After two days at Edgbaston (well, one and a bit days) we have a new nickname for Rudi:


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