Phil Hughes isn’t playing

A few weeks ago, back when you couldn’t take a crap without someone knocking on the door and telling you how great he was, we said that Phil Hughes might just be a massive disappointment. Being dropped for Shane Watson is probably classed as disappointing.

But don’t worry. The stumpy little flailer will surely return for the next Test because Watson’s a nailed-on certainty to rupture his pancreas at some point over the next few days.

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5 Appeals

  1. The stumpy little flailer scored an awful lot of runs against second division bowling earlier thi season.

    Oh, and quite a lot against the Saffers before that. But then I suppose Saffers are even more extreme forms of soft southerners, even if they are the best bowling attack in the world just now.

  2. Rob Key isn’t playing either.

  3. He’ll be buggered against the Saffers if Wayne Parnell gets brought into their attack.

  4. Do hope you don’t mean that literally Sami, or if you do it’s in the Jamie Redknapp league of literally

  5. It’s up there with Alan Pardew’s idea of rape, I guess.

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