Phil Hughes needs to work on his timing

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Phil Hughes, 20 - makes you sick, doesn't it?Phil Hughes has hit a duck, a fifty and now a hundred. Where does he go next?

Well he might want to consider scoring a hundred on a weekday. People do stuff at weekends and his runs might not get as much attention.

On a weekday, people come back from their lunch breaks and spend half an hour or so easing back into work by reading cricket news on the internet. It’s not work, but it’s not visible slacking off. It’s a happy compromise.

This part of the day is when cricketing reputations are made. Phil Hughes should target it.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. We’re slowly building up a fascinating picture of your office routine, KC .

    At my place of work, there’s a guy who copies and pastes text from the internet into a Word document so that, from a distance over his shoulder, it looks like he’s working.

    If only someone could work out a way to get cricket scores via Excel, then the nation’s productivity would collapse (actually, maybe that’s the cause of the current recession)…

  2. Perhaps someone could set up a site which looks just like an excel sheet or word document, but is in fact a feed of all the cricket blogs. Come on, internet people!

  3. Well, not sure I’me quite up to it, but it would probably look something like this, but a bit nicer, if someone cleverer than me (or is it cleverer than I? proved my own point there, perhaps) tried it.

  4. Why are you people doing this on a Saturday? This is a Monday task if ever there was one.

    Bet you go to the toilet on your own time as well. Why, when you can get paid for it?

  5. AP, that IS amazing! yay!

    KC, I was once so snowed under and deskbound at work that I didn’t drink enough water (or go to the loo) enough, and I developed a kidney infection. That is a true, true story.

  6. We drink tea on the hour. We have a cup tinging system to ensure that we don’t accidentally miss an hour.

  7. i eat lunch at my desk because i don’t like the macho lad gang who congregate in the break room downstairs

    its a real life peep show

  8. We eat OUR lunch at OUR desk, because we don’t like mixing with other people if we can at all avoid it.

    Also, we can read stuff on the internet at our desk, whereas we can only stare into space in the break room. We do like staring into space, but that’s more of a work time thing.

  9. I prefer to go out to get lunch, then return to eat it at my desk, thereby extending my lunch break by half an hour.

  10. I like to go to lunch at 12.30, so that if I come back at 2pm people assume I’ve been out from 1 – 2pm.

    To get back to Phil Hughes, I think what he really needs is a more interesting name.

  11. Sometimes I have lunch from 12pm to 2pm. But I suppose it doesn’t have the same meaning seeing as though I’m unemployed.

    I’m just happy his parents didn’t name him Merv. Think of all the ‘hilarious’ commentary from Tony Greig we would have to endure.

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