Mitchell Johnson or James Anderson?

GimboidGodAnd you HAVE to choose.

We’re going for James Anderson. He’s the better bowler when the ball swings and we love watching swing bowling. If the ball doesn’t swing, Mitchell Johnson’s got the better attributes, being quicker and kack-handed (as if THAT’S an attribute).

Also, you have to remember that Johnson’s Australian and will therefore be confused and frightened by many of the things he encounters in England.

Things like:

  • Running water
  • Beer that doesn’t need to be half frozen in order for you to choke it down
  • Sleeves

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8 Appeals

  1. Johnson.

    Ask Graeme Smith. Hope you have the paramedics on standby 😉

  2. Mitch is sexy,

    Anderson wears eyeliner

    ’nuff said

  3. Jimmy F*cking Anderson.

  4. Can I have Ben Hilfenhaus?

  5. Anderson’s a bowler? I thought he was our specialist nightwatchman.

  6. Johnson is clearly one of the Undead whilst Jim is lovely. I’d like to watch Hilfenhaus pointing my brickwork but that’s about it

  7. Why don’t you watch Hilfenhaus pointing 668’s brickwork, Ceci – then everyone can be happy?

  8. If Ceci wanted to watch him at work with brickwork, my flat would not be a good venue – but I think i could find him something else to do rather quickly, if he turned up!

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