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James Anderson hides the shiny sideIf you’ve only seen the scorecard, you might not believe us on this one, but James Anderson bowled brilliantly in this match – particularly when you consider that he was suffering from the wild shits for the whole of one day’s play.

He’s bowled well all series, in fact, in conditions which haven’t helped anyone. He’s swung the new ball, like he always does, but now he reverse swings the ball with the best of them as well. Not many bowlers swing the new ball both in and out, not many bowlers bowl reverse swing and even fewer reverse swing it both ways. James Anderson can do the lot.

More than this, he’s one of the few bowlers who looks like he can formulate plans and then execute them. He puts the ball where he wants and swings it how he wants. England dropped him for the first Test, which was moronic, but by the end of the series, he was the bowler they were throwing the ball to when they needed wickets.

The only delivery we’d like to see more is his yorker. When the ball reverse swings, he beats the bat a hell of a lot and might want to think about aiming at the stumps a bit more. Waqar Younis took most of his wickets like this because Waqar’s inswinging yorker was the best delivery there’s ever been.


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  1. There’s the basis for a decent attack with Anderson, Flintoff, and Broad. Lacking someone with genuine pace that would save Freddie being bowled into the ground. A fit Jones or a Harmison who does more than bowl medium pace wides, get dropped, whinge about it, get recalled, and bowl medium pace wides, whilst putting more effort into trying to convince the press that he’s really trying than into his bowling would be the best contenders.

    “I need to know what to do to win back my place” – bowl fast and straight. You don’t need to be Troy bloody Cooley to figure that one out!

  2. Anderson is like Brett Lee – the occasional brilliance of his performances eclipses his consistently shit figures. You want him in your team, just not as the only choice.

    Flintoff, Broad, Anderson and A Fit Jones to throw the ball to, with Michael Hussey at the striker’s end – I like it, Captain.

  3. “Not many bowlers swing the new ball both in and out, not many bowlers bowl reverse swing and even fewer reverse swing it both ways. ”

    So, what you are saying is, James Anderson swings both ways?

  4. Simon Jones, hmmm. It was great while it lasted. As of last month, he couldn’t run, let alone bowl. I just don’t know if it’s possible to ever be truly fit after that level of broken-ness. At best, his knee might be as good as it was before the injuries he’s suffered. Let’s face it though, it must have been pretty pants to start with.

  5. To be fair, he is about to tour with Worcs. in South Africa. So we’ll see how the auld knee is holding up then..

    If it wasn’t for sandy outfields, he’d still be going strong.

  6. Have been chanting Jim’s praises for some while now in the face of idiot bloggers (that’ll be you Suave) so am delighted to read your incisive and precise definition of his bowling skills.

  7. Idiot!! You cheeky mare…

    All I want is a fast bowling swing superstar, who bowls consistently well. I want someone who when they bowl very well, still takes wickets at a reasonable rate.

    He still doesn’t, but he’s looking better.

    Let’s look at his averages again.

    Since 2006/7 Ashes.
    Ashes series 82.6 SR 112
    Eng v Ind 35.5 SR 62.7
    Eng v Sri Lanka 83.5 SR 116
    NZ v Eng 35.37 SR 44.2
    Eng v NZ 19.3 SR 32.6 (This is what strike bowlers should be doing)
    Eng v SA 33.93 SR69.3
    Ind v Eng 53.3 SR 109.5
    WI v Eng 38 SR 86

    Not f*cking good enough. He bowled very nicely in WI, but still only took wickets every 86 deliveries.

    Compare his stats to Mitchell Johnson, or Dale Steyn, or Ishant Sharma, or Shane Bond, or Peter Siddle. He doesn’t compare. I want fast/swing bowling that actually smashes peoples jaws, stumps and batsman’s confidence.

    I appreciate that he’s getting better, but there’s no point swinging it in all directions if it’s not hitting stumps/pads or the edge of the bat, and too often he swings it, when it’s started too wide to cause any real damage.

    He mouths off a helluva lot to batsman, yet isn’t backing up with match winning performances often enough

  8. Absolutely, fingers crossed for Jones. He’s the bee’s knees when he’s fit.

    Worth noting that Jones hit 1/5 of all his test runs to date in his first test innings. Before anyone realised that he didn’t actually know which end of the bat to hold.

  9. ‘Tis very true, Suave. A typical opening spell goes:

    Flintoff 8 4 0 18
    Anderson 8 0 1 64

    and while the wicket is very handy, the amount of runs he gives up in getting it makes it almost not worth bothering.

    An Aussie I know once said that Anderson would be great in any test squad as long as he comes with the world’s greatest selector who can pick him on the one match in five when he is any good. I wish he was wrong, but I’m not sure he is.

  10. Jimmy used to be wayward when things didn’t go his way.

    We’re not sure that’s the case any more, but we’ll concede that further evidence is needed.

    The mastery (yes, mastery) of reverse swing is a big step in minimising the bad days.

  11. Why does anyone still talk about S. Jones? When was the last time he played a test? He’s washed up and broken down. Let it go.

    also, its harsh to say his (jimmy’s) strike rate in the WI tests is too high, ok it is, but those pitches were roads made for batting.

  12. Where is fangirl Ceci now? Come on lovely, stand up for your pretty boy and your nobhead quick Harmy now?


    You can’t

    Because they’re pony.


  13. Sorry Ceci I love you, but I can’t accept mediocrity, even if they are handsome or from your locale.

    I love you Ceci.

  14. Suave – Jim did smash kiwi flynn’s teeth out in what has to be one of the most gruesome injuries in recent times. Flynn was spitting out teeth on the pitch.

    However, i agree that he doesn’t do it often enough.

  15. I am going to say this again – England need Hoggard, cricket needs Hoggard. I need Hoggard back.

  16. Jimmy Anderson is a handsome chap. I think he’s very good. I’m with you KC, I think good Jimmy is here to stay. In a couple of years time, we’ll be sitting by the fire, talking about England’s bowling mainstay, saying “do you remember bad Jimmy, ha ha ha, whatever happened to him?”

  17. It’s no good shrieking like a girl and then putting your sad statto hat on Suave. You’re wrong.

  18. I had to look it up, am am so old.

    kthxbai can also be used as an insult to someone, like a n00b or someone you just don’t like.
    N00b1: omg liek u wana c my fab nu jurnal?
    Dude: No, you make me sick n00b Kthxbai

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