Yuvraj Singh is a role model

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There’s a good interview with Yuvraj Singh at Cricinfo. He’s always struck us as a man who thinks life is largely about wearing sunglasses, but that’s not the way he comes across here.

He talks quite thoughtfully about the challenges for young players and how he can offer them advice, but we liked the bathos of this bit:

“When I began playing, you could say the game was changing, the distractions were beginning. Now the distractions are too much and my advice to the younger guys is mostly not to be distracted by what is happening outside and to concentrate on the game.”

Do they listen?

“They don’t listen, especially Rohit and Virat.”

That’s Sharma and Kohli he’s on about. Name ’em and shame ’em, Yuvraj.


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  1. Ha! The interview may well be a good one(I haven’t read it yet), but one still has to question cricinfo’s choices. I would give my right hand to hear some words of advice from the likes of Brendan Kuruppu, Dodda Ganesh.or Darren Pattinson.

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