What Ryan Sidebottom should do next

Told you those finger-shaped plug sockets were asking for trouble

Generally likeable, weirdly tetchy and a world-beater for an oddly unexpected and brief period of time. We’ll miss Ryan Sidebottom now that he’s retired from international cricket.

On the plus side, he’s one step closer to that BRILLIANT sitcom we came up with.

We’re open to offers.

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5 Appeals

  1. Could Ryan’s Dad, the estimable Arnie Rufus come in for guest appearances to cheers applause and whistles from the studio audience?

  2. King Cricket

    September 22, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    Would it work if he didn’t?

    The answer is no.

  3. He could start wearing his hair in a pony tail.

    That’s pretty much a slam dunk sign of retirement.

  4. Do David Seaman and have a hair cut for start.

  5. Get a hair cut I mean 🙁

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