Does Eoin Morgan have a girlfriend?

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A lot of people seem to be searching the internet trying to find out whether Eoin Morgan has a girlfriend or not. We can’t say this is something that’s unduly concerned us.

However, using our extraordinary ability to put ourself in someone else’s shoes, we have gained an accurate insight into what a girl might see in him.

  • Ice-cold temperament that’s perfect for marshalling a run-chase
  • The ability to hit giant sixes, seemingly at will
  • Supple batsmanship of breathtaking dexterity
  • Adaptable approach, moving from accumulation to aggression in a heartbeat
  • Sees England home and wins cricket matches

That’s pretty much everything a girl looks for in a man, right?


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  1. There’s an outbreak of massed Eoin squeaking on facebook from former Broadettes and Wrighteenies. Exclamation marks and LOLs are rampant – I expect they are short-hand for the points you mention O King

  2. Sad story that, Sarah. Very sad. I’m wiping a tear as I type.

    Now yer Eoin Morgan talks about little other than cricket in my experience, so that would make him seriously attractive to most women I’d have thought.

    Daisy found him slightly aloof when she met him – remarking that he seemed more interested in chatting with other players than talking to people like her. But then, I’m led to believe that girls are attracted by that sort of inattentive attention.

  3. I feel in love with my other half after watching him hurl a cricket ball back to some kids who had smashed it over a wall and nearly into the river. My admiration literally knew no bounds. It has occured to me that I may just be easily impressed though…..

  4. If Moggie is single, I’d like to offer him my services. I don’t think either of us are that way inclined, but we could make it work.

  5. A couple of months ago a journalist asked Eoin if he was single, he said he was “the most single man in the world”

  6. Howe_zat, that’s Pixie Lott, Eoin met her at a gig last week. I’m sure he wishes she was his girlfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I used to think that pixie lot was a place where Noddy and Big Ears park their motors, but I stand informed and corrected now.

  8. Pixie Lott has revealed that her parents are quite strict, which means that any boys that she has brought back to the family home have been kept firmly at arms’ length.

    “I’ve liked a couple of boys, and they’ve slept on the sofa at my parents’ house,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

    “It is a bit strict I suppose, but nothing over the top,” she added.

    Lott’s father is a stockbroker and her mum, Beverley, is her manager.

    I’m wondering if E-I-O-N invited her to his place for a coffee

  9. This post’s comments are disturbing me. I didn’t realised King Cricket readers were all such a bunch of celebrity watcher.

    Broken Britain I tell you.

  10. I’ve done some digging. I believe he has been seen on more than one occasion with an incredibly attractive unnamed brunette. Whether she is a high class escort or simply his current shag is unconfirmed.

  11. pixi lott is’nt his girlfriend she would be very lucky if she was though =P that picture was taken when he went to see the script i think because he mentioned it on twitter that he had seen them and i think he is a single pringle as he was introduced on twitter by jimmy anderson!

  12. Yeah he has a girlfriend from Australia..I’m at uni with her beautiful girl!

  13. My friend said his girlfriend name is Rachel, he is spending a lot of time with her, stunning brunette. english but looks italian

  14. I’m at uni with his girlfriend too! Her name is Tara Ridgway, she’s an Aussie girl that he has been dating for 3 years since they met at the start of the 2010/11 Ashes series.
    He is one very lucky man if you ask me, she is gorgeous!!

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