Slog of the Day: George Munsey v West Indies

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T20 is a bit too complicated for us these days, so we’re instead celebrating one of cricket’s oldest and simplest pleasures via our Slog of the Day feature.

George Munsey faced the first and last ball of Scotland’s innings against the West Indies. His 66 not out helped his team to 160-5 and the Windies were then bowled out for 118.

It wasn’t a great day for batting, so Munsey stood out, playing all manner of clips, drives, ramps and wallops with exquisite timing.

It was a really controlled knock. Or at least it was until the last ball of the innings when he stepped in front of his stumps and unfurled a great flat-footed diagonal-bat mow. And why not? That’s what the last ball of a limited overs innings is for, after all. He was duly rewarded with a filthy edged four down to fine leg.

Top slog, George Munsey.

Well played, Scotland.

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  1. Down to third man not fine leg surely? Sorry to be a pendantic annoyance, but if I can’t do that on this site’s comments section then where can I do it eh?!

    1. You’re absolutely right. We must have translated him into a right hander as we were writing that.

  2. Gotta be a joke in “pendantic” but who’s prepared to stick their necklace out to make it?

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