Slog of the Day: Kane Williamson v Pakistan

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Kane Williamson is a weird-arsed T20 player. He’s been one of the best batters in the world for years, but quite often seems to serve less as a run-scorer and more as a comfort blanket.

Williamson made 40 off 40 balls when New Zealand failed to chase 180 against England earlier in the tournament. Today he made 46 off 42 balls in the semi-final against Pakistan.

These sorts of pedestrian contributions normally make a team and fans anxious. You watch the deliveries remaining drip away and wonder why they aren’t being better used.

But Williamson has this air of quiet wisdom about him that seems to temper that. He’s almost looked upon as some kind of par total barometer. “Williamson’s sized up this pitch,” people conclude. “140 could actually be a tough chase here.”

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Today’s overly-cool and nurdlesome Williamson innings featured just two boundaries. The first came at the start of the 13th over when New Zealand were on 79-3 and he had 28 off 28 balls.

Entirely against type, it was a filthy slog.

Mohammad Wasim bowled something pretty wide and fairly long-hoppish. Kane caned it for six over the long boundary.

If you watch it back, it looks a typically smooth and coordinated Williamson shot. But honestly, it was a slog. The diagonal bat and the ball’s destination are the giveaways.

Firm, steady, balanced, head in the right position… but also a big bovine heave-ho.

A little while later, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam did that thing they sometimes do and Pakistan won fairly easily.

T20 is a bit too complicated for us these days, so we’re instead celebrating one of cricket’s oldest and simplest pleasures via our Slog of the Day feature.


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  1. The momentum is all with Pakistan. Last time that happened and they bundled into a final, Daisy and i were there and this is what happened:

    But this time, tragically, Matthew Hayden is part of the Pakistan brains trust and is now talking utter bollocks just like the old days; “you’re going to have to punch the smile off of my face”, being one of the more straightforward phrases. Another, “we have this trust in the process, we weren’t overcomitting to our the training”, is less penetrable.

    I know you don’t do requests, KC, but we might enjoy “gob of the day” as well as a “slog of the day” feature between now and the final.

    1. Matthew Hayden is going around saying “you’re going to have to punch the smile off of my face”? Surely there is no shortage of people willing to take on such a task?

  2. Love Mohammad Rizwan. His post-match interview was 90 per cent thanking Allah for helping them win.

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