Some of you may remember Omari Banks…

He was a West Indies off-spinner. He averaged 117 against England in 2014. Here’s his Cricinfo profile page.

As that record suggests, Omari wasn’t the greatest spinner of all time. However, somewhat miraculaously, he can now boast an even worse record – his godawful single Me & You, which makes The Lighthouse Family seem like satan-worshipping urban thrash metal hip-hop experimentalists.

Why did you give up the day job, Omari? You were pretty rubbish at it, but if the rest of us let incompetence keep us from our jobs, where would the world find itself?

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22 Appeals

  1. 3600 views is not very many so at least he is not causing widespread harm.

    Still… that is a bit jealousy invoking. If I started a blog I’d be impressed if I got that many hits, even if I had done something good.

    • King Cricket

      March 15, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      But how would you feel if you had earned 3,600 views having previously played cricket alongside Chris Gayle and having successfully persuaded him to tweet a link to his millions of followers?

      • Oddly, that now makes me feel quite a lot better.

      • Though the fact I am feeling better owing to the fact that someone else is more of a failure than I previously believed is probably some kind of deep moral failing on my part.

        Looking on the brighter side, I would say I am simply satisfied that the Fates have ensured justice has been done to this song. And that few innocent people have been subjected to it, even though Mr Gayle exposed millions of people to this hazard.

        To be honest it’s mostly the jealousy thing being assuaged, though.

      • Free psychoanalysis courtesy of semi-facetious cricket blog.

        Wonder if Mike Brearley is feeling the heat of competition.

  2. This website and contents are rubbish just like you. Omari is a fantastic singer. Stop hating bro

    • King Cricket

      March 15, 2016 at 3:30 pm

      Stop hating this website, its contents and us, person-who-hates.

      • I find it very amusing with all the cricket news around, you find to pick on an ex player and bash his music. maybe you should focus on designing a proper logo (I smell copyright infringement) and webiste that looks like it was build in 1995

      • King Cricket

        March 15, 2016 at 3:39 pm

        Glad to hear you were amused. That was the intention. Please feel free to sign up to our daily email.

      • I thought webiste was a lovely touch.

        Personally I’m despicably webist, but my hypothetical dream wife is going to be very much a webiste.

      • 1995 was a wonderful year for websites, Omari…I mean…Nameless.

        Meanwhile, this particular posting caused me no end of difficulties today. Skim reading, I sensed that KC had uncovered some serious difficulties with Omani banks. I shorted oil and hedged against all of the middle-eastern exchanges before reading this posting properly. I am ruined. To whom should I apply for compensation?

      • guy get a life, stop being a loser

        you are a sad definitely for a human being

  3. Omari Banks is a very good singer. This website and article does not reflect any truth or knowledge and should be reported.

  4. Glad to see that KC’s gone for the non-obvious methods of getting “hater hits” on his website. I’d have done something boring, like written about how Tendulkar was overrated. That’s why I don’t run a cricket site.

    Can you open up comments on the ABDV guitar piece again please?

  5. Omari Banks is one of the few Test cricketers I’ve met… he has a regular gig at a very nice beachside restaurant on his home island and is actually a much better musician than you might think (his dad is quite a well respected musician so it’s in his blood)

    I tried to engage him in conversation about his cricketing career but by all accounts he really has no interest in it any more, and as I’m not a good enough musician to jam with him, conversation soon petered out

    I’m quite envious of anyone who has enough talent to make a living out of what is essentially a hobby, more so of anyone who can do it out of two

    Oh, I played golf with Cardigan Connor on the same island, but as he’s not played Test cricket, that anecdote is even less interesting than my first effort

    • King Cricket

      March 16, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      No trivial anecdote about a cricketer is ever less than enthralling. The more trivial the better in our book. There’s also an optimal level of obscurity and both Omari Banks and Cardigan Connor are around that mark.

      The ill-feeling above also rather masks the fact that we have nothing against Omari Banks – only this bland song. We wish him well at his local gigs.

      • Having said that, the song is particularly forgettable… he may have played it while I was there, but I really couldn’t tell you with any degree of certainty

        I can’t remember how it goes 20 seconds after listening

      • For pity’s sake, KC, engage Singe for some Cricket Badger “cricketer spotted” pieces – at least two are signalled in the above comments.

        What are you waiting for?

      • King Cricket

        March 16, 2016 at 11:01 pm

        Rather felt like it was all out there now.

        But he’s correct, Singe. Whatever cricketer you’ve seen, whatever they were doing, email and spare no mundane detail.

        Same to the rest of you.

  6. Why are you hating so much?

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