Thanks for stopping our website from seizing up in our absence

We massively enjoyed reading about the cutting of dangling seatbelts by stalkers and the breaking of greenhouses with airborne gnomes on our return.

We were also relieved to see that some of you took the trouble to point out news that we’d missed in the full knowledge that we weren’t there. It’s not a holiday without that happening. Thanks.

Finally, we were only slightly alarmed to see that the site was being run by someone we’d never heard of. Thanks to Prince Stickball for his efforts.

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3 Appeals

  1. Are you sure that you haven’t developed dissociatitive identity disorder, that Prince Stickball isn’t merely an extension of your personality and that you haven’t actually been anywhere for the past week?

    You can’t fool me.

  2. I liked Prince Stickball.

  3. No problem KC. It’s been a holiday for us too.

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