The Boxing Day Test tradition

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The Boxing Day Test - in your face, football

We couldn’t remember whether we did anything on the site for Christmas. Turns out we don’t. The closest we’ve come is wishing everyone a happy Boxing Day Test Eve.

The Boxing Day Test is a great tradition. There are a great many things that make cricket better than other sports and this is certainly one of them. For Australians and South Africans, good weather and time off work combine to make this a time of optimism and levity. What better way to enhance this than with a Test match? It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the ground – repeatedly abandoning the barbecue because you’ve heard a wicket fall on the TV inside is one of life’s great pleasures.

For Brits, Christmas is a time of pessimism and trying to drink through the emotional pain barrier. Here too the Boxing Day Test serves a valuable service. Firstly, it’s something to look forward to at the end of Christmas Day. Secondly, it’s a reminder that the seasons cycle and cricket will be back soon enough.

Seeing cricket played in daylight on TV is like a window into the future. It reminds you that you don’t live in a drizzly land of permanent twilight. You live in a drizzly land where it’s night for only half the year. The days are now lengthening. Cricket approaches.

Also, this Boxing Day is the first anniversary of The Day. We will forever be thankful for that.


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  1. I’M GOING! I’M GOING! It’ll never make up for missing The Day last year because of my flight being snow-grounded, but nevertheless. Funsies! I’ll send a match report.

  2. Slightly drunk from sherry – tick
    Mince pie and carrot left out – tick
    Santa tracking on PC – tick
    Kids in bed – tick
    Kids several hours away from sleep – tick
    Kids under strictest of instructions not to get up before six – tick
    Sisters of Mercy on stereo – tick
    Slightly soppy and romantic feeling about Christmas, probably caused by sherry – tick

    Merry Christmas.

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