The greatest one-day series of all time

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Luke Wright executises his skillery

We have done a review of the overly-short seven-match one-day series between Australia and England for Cricinfo – the series that had everything.

On the plus side, Luke Wright gets a mention. On the down side, we got disappointingly complimentary comments, which is not what we’re used to at Cricinfo.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. KC – Do you know that Luke Wright once refused an IPL offer from one S.Tendulkar ? “So then, how many IPL offers, particularly from S.Tendulkar, have you refused?”
    (with apologies to Sir I.Botham for stealing and modifying his phrase)

    1. Very true, Stupid Purple Thing. I always have to look these things up, as I just did with Deep Cower’s. Without the internet I don’t know how I’d find out about abbreviations that are only ever used on the internet.

    1. Oooh, are you sure Sarah? I mean it’s alright for those of us with proper mental toughness, but I have a friend who isn’t like that at all. My friend wouldn’t be able to cope with the rejection inherent in “SarahCanterbury and 94 others hated this”. Even if you just had your Like button, my friend would struggle with “0 people liked this comment”, especially if other comments had several, or even one, Likes. It’s a whole horrible can of mentally degrading worms that you’re opening up here. My friend says.

    2. You make a very good point, Bert (as ever… *sighs in adoring manner*). WordPress put a “like” button on my blog & I don’t think it’s ever been clicked. Ever. A person could sit at home crying about that. If they weren’t mentally tough that is. Life can be very cruel.

      Though I reserve the right to dislike ROFLMAO & LOL. I feel unclean just writing those. *shudders*

    3. In my defence, that was the first (and will also be the last) time I ever wrote, hmmm, that particular combination of alphabets.

      But it is a pity Sarah has gone from liking to disliking my comments within the space of one day. Like so many women before her.

      PS: I was chatting with my teenage cousin the other day and he used the word “pwn”. Apparently, it means “own”. (I pwned him, for instance, scoring a victory). I asked him what the advantage of using one three letter word over another is, and he believes its because it is kool.

    4. Deep Cower, I strongly suspected you were writing that combination of letters with mischief in mind. Please be assured I am not fickle & at present my liking your comments trumps disliking them.

  2. The point of Luke Wright is the v sexy start of his run up which never fails to get me in a bit of a twitter. You may not feel the same of course O King

  3. CG – completely gash.

    “The new KC website is CG.”

    Although it isn’t. It’s very nice. I’ve grown up and embraced the change. Just don’t do it again.

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