Ashes contradictions and how we think the series might pan out

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We have written a piece for Cricinfo about how we are massively pessimistic about England’s chances no matter what the evidence in front of us. We have also said that England will win 3-2 over at World Cricket Watch.

The truth is that we are pessimistic by default, but hate that we live down to our national stereotype and so generally always give optimistic predictions for England series.

If you want to know what we really think, without giving scores and stuff, here’s where we stand. We think England are slightly the better team, but that Australia are almost immovable in their own country.

From the outset, we favour England, but Australia will be able to recover if they go one or two down, whereas if England fall behind, they might just fold. We expect flatter pitches than have been seen in England’s warm-ups and while we hope that England will be able to take wickets, we really don’t know that for certain.

Batting will largely be about making the most of good conditions. Funnily enough, the batsmen England seem most worried about, Cook and Pietersen, are likely to be more influential when it’s that kind of situation. They will be fine.

There is also one final thing in England’s favour. Australia are usually calm and collected. They’re at their best when they’re predictable. This time they’re running around screaming and vomiting and setting fire to each other. That’s good for England and even if it doesn’t mean much in the end, it’s still pretty funny.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I agree with the pessimism, KC. I usually go into away Ashes series with a completely illogical sense of misplaced optimism, usually backed up with wild bets with my Aussie friends. This time, with all the evidence on my side, I think that pessimism is the only approach. I am considering not betting a dozen bottles of red wine on the outcome, despite the fact that I did so cheerily in 2003.

    I’m not sure the Aussies can recover from a first test / second test loss so easily, though. I reckon they are so fragile right now that a good thumping at Brisbane will tip them over the edge. And the selectors as well. We could end up facing eleven different players by the end of the series.

    Very important, the first test. Very, very important.

  2. Pietersen will certainly contribute. Not sure about Cook though. A little swing in the air, and Cook will be in big trouble.

  3. Hayden has been doing talking again.

    “You can’t hide at The Gabba when it’s delivery day and Australia will be reformulated as a unit together. You are at the coalface of competitive battle.”

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