Cameras in the Australia dressing room?

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That is what’s being suggested by Australia’s Channel Nine, who clearly have no regard for people’s desire to keep their dinner down.

Even Peter Siddle doesn’t want to see Peter Siddle in his undercrackers. The thought of Simon Katich visibly confirming all jockstrap contents are fully contained sends a shiver down our spine.

But the chance that a freakish camera angle could bring the sight of Shane Watson’s hairless ‘barse’ to an unwitting public is too great a risk for anyone with an ounce of feeling for others.

Update: Anyone arriving here having Googled “Shane Watson’s hairless barse” – go away. You are not welcome here. You have the wrong kinds of profound psychological problems for this website.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. They have cameras in the dressing rooms for the aussie rules football. And it is as bad as you imagine:
    undercrackers, barse; hairless and otherwise, plus much much more.
    it is quite awful.

  2. The Barse (French: la Barse) is a 50.1 km (31.1 mi) long river in the Aube département, north-central central France. Its source is under the château, in Vendeuvre-sur-Barse. It flows generally west. It is a right tributary of the Seine into which it flows at Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres, near Troyes.

  3. The English will have individual dressing rooms in which they can dress in proper solitude with their batman. You surely can’t expect an English gentleman to change in a communal area, can you? Who do you think these people are? Colonials?

    And the word isn’t “Barse”. According to the OED, the area in question can only be mentioned in one possible conversation, and thus should be referred to as “I say, steady on Doctor, I’d rather not say. But if you must know it is between the old chap and the derierre.”

  4. It would be better if the England players dressed with their Batman.

    The ECB support staff must incorporate superheroes now, surely?

  5. The first result on google for “Shane Watson’s hairless barse” but, perhaps intriguingly, not the only hit.

  6. ‘The gooch’.

    I will never be able to look at the great man’s superior facial furniture in the same way.

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