Peter Siddle takes an Ashes hat trick at the Gabba

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Peter Siddle makes some face when he takes a hat trickWith his Ming the Merciless collar and his mercilessly minging face, Peter Siddle barrelled in and dismissed Alastair Cook, Matt Prior and Stuart Broad in successive balls.

We got through the experience by pretending it was a cartoon. Siddle looks like a cartoon character somehow.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The big ugly mug was unlucky not to have 7.

    Also, Bell continues to score runs. KC how many runs do you think he has left in him this tour?

  2. All in all, a good day for England.

    In 2005 Australia won the first test. In 2009 they dominated the first test, only failing to win due to the batting skills of Monty Panesar. All winning the first test does is lull them into a false sense of security.

    Anderson is often accused of being a conditions bowler. But it would seem that to play well Peter Siddle needs good overhead conditions, a seaming pitch, AND for it to be his birthday.

    Siddle has now had the best day of his test career, and can only disappoint from here on in. By the third test he’ll be mentally shot as he begins to understand this.

    Mitchell Johnson has continued his recent form.

    Xavier Doherty picked up sufficient pointless wickets to ensure he’ll get picked for the rest of the series.

    The English batsmen who failed are all the ones who are in form anyway, so are therefore certain to come good in the second innings, second test, third test, etc. Meanwhile, the out-of-form Englishmen (Cook and Pietersen) played their way back into form. This now looks like a formidable batting line up with no gaps.

    By the way, all plans failed this morning. My wife put Radio 5 on, and the first thing I heard was “…which we’ll interrupt if there is any more bad news from the Gabba”

  3. Well the best laid plans of mice and men Bert…

    I got drunk on awful spirits, the cat licked my face with his rough tongue and I found an old duvet (Summer weight) to watch the test in, and yet we still underperformed.

    In the words of Master William Pitt the Even Younger “I fail to see what more a decent politician could have done….”

  4. Bert you’re a marvel. Whilst it would stretching it to call your post ‘the voice of reason’, it is at least ‘the voice of someone saying things I very much want to hear, and things I now believe with all my being.”

  5. Venn of the year, Ceci, great stuff.

    For someone who claims not to know what a Venn is, you seem to have got the hang of it remarkably quickly.

    You should do them more often, Ceci…

    …indeed I feel obliged to ask…

    …Venn will we see you again?

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