Peter Siddle runs in all day

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Peter Siddle pleads to the gods to free him from his running in tormentThis seems to be Peter Siddle’s greatest strength in the eyes of his team mates. When asked about their bowling attack, Australian players refer to Johnson’s speed, Hilfenhaus’s swing, Clark’s control and Siddle’s ability to run in all day.

You don’t want bowlers to run in all day. You want them to take enough wickets that your team can have a bat.

You also want your bowlers to release the ball immediately after running in, preferably propelling it somewhere towards the stumps. Merely running in isn’t even half the job. The batting equivalent would be ‘he holds the bat in his hands’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If he does indeed ‘run in all day’, surely he needs to shorten his run up as it’s way too long.

    1. Siddle would have to run all day when a mob of indian people are chasing him with torches for being uglier then frankenstien and having an ego like russel brand,apparently he nearly got a hat trick but i missed it cause i cant look at him for fear of nightmares ….but to all the people who think there not good looking enough just (try to)look at siddle and you will know ,hey at least i could win ten dollarss in a beuty contest….back to the cricket aaaaaaarggghhh siddles bowling and i looked im melting im melting. 😛

  2. What it means is that he can run in all day ….
    AND still make faces at the batsmen

    which is about all he is good for.

    Apparently this is much regarded by our selectors, who obviously think that making faces will eventually pay more dividends than control or wickets. Either the batsmen will beg for release from Neanderthal howl, or they’ll will decide, after seeing the state of his teeth magnified on the big screen, that they leave for an urgent appointment with their orthodontist, in case their own pegs look anywhere near as horrid.

    Beauty queen Broad must shudder at even having to occupy the same pitch as Sozzle.

  3. With you there Miriam. Preferable to the strangely waxed and glazed look (like egg-white brushed pastry) worn by Watson

  4. Apparantly Siddle ran in all day at Edgbaston and made it to Headingley by about 8.30, well ahead of his team mates. Unfortunately, following net practice the next day, he was last seen just outside Darlington.

  5. Miriam,

    what makes you think Siddle lacks vanity?

    He’s always is the media, holding forth like a veteran on where the team are at, and making snotty, unsubtle comments about “old” boys like Clark and Lee having had their turn.

    Whose shoes he isn’t fit to polish.

    Just because he doesn’t wax, doesn’t mean his ego isn’t up there with Twatto’s.

  6. he couldn’t hold his face in an attractive way if he tried.

    He fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. He was then ran over by the ugly lawn mower.

  7. He’s got a face like a busted frog and who says he isn’t trying to hold his face in an attractive way.

    He might be punching above his weight with the busted frog look.

  8. Flat out ugliness doesn’t seem to have prevented Clarke and Manou from picking up model girlfriends. Prehaps the standards are different in Australia? Maybe UK men are just, well, more splendidly attractive.

  9. That’s right Bert,

    it’s that inbred quality to the English male face that we somehow just can’t improve upon.

  10. Quite right. And who needs a chin anyway? What useful purpose does a chin serve?

    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing!

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