Peter Siddle’s bowling speed

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Peter Siddle's axe slipped from his graspArch woodchopper cum fourth choice Australian quick, Peter Siddle, can whang the ball at speeds up to about 150kph, which is about 93mph in old money and officially makes him a fast bowler on the King Cricket scale.

In light of this, we now want to see all young English quick bowlers spending their time chopping wood rather than playing on Xbox 360s or ‘conditioning’ themselves. If you spend all your time in the gym, that’s what you’re fit for – lifting things up and putting them down again inside a gym.

Bowl some balls and chop some wood, you fin-haired jessies.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. …but only chopping wood from sustainable trees of course… and what ratio of chopping to bowling? Would you have wood piles 22 yards apart and bowl at the wood to be chopped? You’re getting too concise O King. Are your keys clogged up with wood chips?

  2. I think at least 10 tree’s per 10 over bowling spells.

    Siddle did this as a kid, its hard to get into wood chopping once you cross a certain age.

  3. Most trees are not sustainable once you chop them down, Ceci. The forests might or might not be sustainable, but the actual, individual trees……….

    Tasmania strikes me as a better venue for a good row over sustainable forestry, btw. Victoria seems to be better set in that regard.

    Yet when did we last see a decent quick bowler from Tazzie?

    KC, your theory is starting to fall down faster than a diseased Dutch Elm being hacked at by Siddle, Lee, Johnson and that most suitably-named pace bowler for such a debate, Bracken.

  4. It’s funny though how what is probably one of the quickest pace bowling lineups (Lee-Johnson-Siddle) quite a while is so ineffective. Can’t help but think that they’d be much better off forgetting about line and length and strategies and what not. Smash skulls, smash stumps. That’s what you should be thinking when you bowl at 90+.

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