Shakib al Hasan takes five

Shakib al Hasan’s taken five wickets in three Test innings in a row. 5-70 against Sri Lanka follows 5-130 and 6-99 against South Africa.

He’s currently ranked the 27th best one-day bowler and the eighth best one-day all-rounder. The earth can consider itself safe from shattery, nor is it in any danger of being taken by storm or set alight, but it’s all very encouraging for Shakib all the same.

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5 Appeals

  1. It’s a pity for Shakib that he generally only gets one innings to bowl in per match, too.

  2. King Cricket

    December 27, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    Not once he starts reeling off the hundreds, he won’t.

  3. He did bowl well, however it was more cuz our batsmens inability to face straight balls that did us in.

    “The Mahela Waft” was in practice that day.

    It involves bringing the bat from the general vicinity of Point and a 7th Slip and passing the bat parallely to a straight ball, all the while taking careful steps to ensure you miss the ball.

  4. Cricinfo’s latest update on the match – “Early moisture delays start”

    some day I hope to be able to use this explanation.

  5. awwww Shakib, how could you miss the hundred. Well fought BD….413 on the 5th day of a test math aint no Joke, that too against Muralitharan and Co.

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