Shakib Al Hasan: the best cricketer in the world

Shakib Al Hasan (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 5, Bangladesh v South Africa

Plenty going on, but we can’t leave the performance of our old friend – our very old friend – Shakib al Hasan unremarked-upon.

A few double-jointed forced edges through third man, a wild flapped hook or two and our man had anchored his way to 75 off 84 balls.

He then whirred one into Aiden Markram’s stumps and businessliked his way to 1-50. Bangladesh won.

This is why we said Shakib was just about the finest shoe we’ve ever owned.

Best cricketer in the world and we won’t be reconsidering that until slightly later this afternoon at the very earliest.

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7 Appeals

  1. South Africa’s world cup, meanwhile, continues to go not all that well with the loss of Steyn to add to that of Ngidi. At least they can finally shake off that perennial chokers tag by, err, never even being in contention.

    • Anyone know why they’ve changed colour for this World Cup? I’m finding it disconcerting. When they play Australia does one side need to put on an “away” strip?

  2. Does anyone know why Bangladesh used to produce so many left arm spinners? Maybe still does? At one point they would, if my memory does not fail me, regularly pick from about four SLAs in their squad. Are there more left-handed people there? Do people just regularly use both hands for everyday tasks and develop a degree of ambidexterity? Were all the boys trying to emulate a famous SLA hero? Something about the pitches suiting that style?

  3. Nabi, Shakib…. this is what the World Cup is supposed to be about. It will be a real shame if the ICC continue to limit the number of teams involved and South Africa the smaller nations miss out on the chance to be involved.

  4. I don’t rate Shakib much, because I’ve never seen him play good clutch (I’m coming, Eminem). Not in ICC events, not against India, not in the IPL. Although, your piece did lead me down a kingcricket rabbithole (as usual) where I share your admiration of Mahmadullah and Akbar, and what I think is the best ever piece on Tendulkar.

    • Oh, I just read the comments on that link…

      • Yeah but it’s worth it for the Bert contributions. I miss Bert. He’s very quiet of late. I think he might actually be the cleverest person ever. Come back Bert!!

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