Why Shakib-al-Hasan is just about the finest shoe we’ve ever owned

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Shakib al Hasan doing some smiting (via ICC)
Shakib al Hasan doing some smiting (via ICC)

Sometimes you buy a pair of shoes and it’s only after the first prolonged wear that they reveal their true feelings towards you. The sides rub, the soles feel like they’re made out of wood and the uppers are so rigid that they actually gouge into your ankle.

‘Accursed footwear!’ you think – and you resolve never to buy clogs again.

Other times, you buy a pair of shoes and they love you more and more with every passing day. They mould to your feet. They give, they accommodate, they love. They become the shoe equivalent of Golden Boy.

This is kind of how we feel about Shakib-al-Hasan. We chose to make an early investment and he just keeps on paying us back, like a debtor addicted to forget-me-nows.

Yesterday, Bangladesh were 33-4 chasing New Zealand’s 266. They were, to almost all observers, already beaten. Shakib then made a hundred and so did the team’s mononymous former number eight, Mahmudullah and Bangladesh won.


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    1. If by “potter” you mean “do lunges while singing made-up songs about making a cup of tea in a gravelly blues voice” and if by “your slippers” you mean “bare feet” then the answer is yes.

      1. Now we need to hear more about these “English Breakfast Blues” and/or “Woke up this morning, all my Yorkshire Gold was gone”….

      2. Prince Prefab wrote one the other day called “No Joe for the Driver”.

        He was driving home from his parents in the knowledge that he was out of milk and he really fancied a coffee.

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