Shakib al Hasan is the best all-rounder in one-day internationals

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Shakib al Hasan - friend of King CricketShakib al Hasan is the best one-day international all-rounder in the world. It’s official. According to who, you ask? According to maths. You can’t argue with maths.

Well, you can argue with maths, but it takes ages and you’ll get confused and bored, so why bother? Just take it on trust. Shakib al Hasan is effing mint.

We said Shakib al Hasan would be great six months before he played an international. We’re not quite sure who, but somebody, somewhere, owes us a quid.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. And of course the very fabbest thing about his fab figures is that you can’t say “of course he got those easy runs/wickets against the Banglas”

    1. no 1 ODI bowler in the world today according to ICC rankings today is..drumroll…jADEJA..

  2. I like the way jADEJA capitalises his name, like one of those internet bubble companies that promised so much and delivered……well anyway.

    I spotted Shakib Al Hasan before KC did. I can’t actually prove that, of course, but when KC wrote him up I thought “oh good, I’m glad to see that someone else has spotted him.”

    So I think KC owes me a quid.

    And it really isn’t worth arguing with me, KC, cos if you think arguing with maths can be confusing and give you a headache, it’s clear you’ve never had an argument with me!

  3. We can only lament the fact that Bangladesh’s fixture list this year looks like the Arctic.

    When will he get to play more, and, more importantly, when can we see him doing so?

    Also, his favourite film is Titanic. Clearly a man of the people.

  4. Shakis Al-Hasan is deffiently the best all-rounder look how he is playing against West Indies an you have to admit Bangladesh are not the best team in the world now. But give a like five years time we will be the best i the world, think about it all our stars are like 22 (Ashraful and many more) they haven’t yet reached the peak of there level, so the lights of Austrailia an India watch out for the awesome TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. liked ur straight forward childish comment.
    whats ur age bob??? under 15?? i think so.Go and sit on ur reading table and study mathemetics..ur logic level shuld be updated.

    i dont hate u…i don need to.
    i just laugh at u.

  6. Sakib is doing well in recent days….i fink he is the only bengalis who can play under pressure…Shame on Asraful…that guy is rubbish….

  7. After seeing Banglawashed newzealand captain crying….I am sure Shakib is the best all rounder of the world

  8. U writes it 23 january 2009 nd today is 23 march 2012…nw whr is shakib al hasan…he is evry whr…he is numbr 1….dnt need 2 explain what kind of cricketer he is…evry1 kw…he played ipl,courtry,bpl evrywhr…feel proud of him

  9. i would like to say that shakib al hasan is definately the world’s best all rounder. I can not understand why kkr don’t put him on in the ipl. If he doesn’t play, they are goind to lose every game. SHAKIB IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!

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