Cricket news can live without us

We’re going away for a week.

We’ve written stuff to appear while we’re away, like usual. You can insult us in our absence, like usual. An occasional visitor can point out some major cricket news that we haven’t covered, like usual. And one of you can leave an insulting comment about our missing some major cricket news knowing full well that we’re away, like usual.

Go on. Do it. We’d be disappointed if you didn’t.

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6 Appeals

  1. Are you gone yet?

    Can we start?

  2. Swanning off to the jet-set playground of Europe’s ski slopes, are you? There’s a recession on, don’t you know?

  3. I don’t write stuff for my blog when I’m around, let alone when i’m not. You need to get out m… oh, you are…

  4. Yesterday in my appeal I suggested that KC owes me a quid. Today we learnt hat he is disappearing.

    Methinks I detect cause and effect.

  5. Thailand again eh ! ya dirty Bugger !

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