New logo for the Gloucestershire Gladiators

Gloucestershire, you will got on my first hhhwhistleGloucestershire’s players are ACTUAL GLADIATORS. Who knew? We always thought Jon Lewis looked more like a musketeer, but what do we know?

Gloucestershire’s PR bod, Stephanie Keene, said:

“We recognised that our nickname provided the club with a fantastic opportunity to link with the powerful images synonymous with the historic Roman gladiators.”

You’d think they might have realised the link with Roman gladiators sooner, what with it being a totally made up nickname and therefore the only reason they’re called that.

Or maybe it didn’t derive from the Romans. Maybe Gloucestershire’s pyjama sides are named after the TV programme.

Whichever meaning, a less Gladiatorial-looking side you’d be hard-pressed to find.

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10 Appeals


    Methinks the Gloucestershire Gladiators are not directly named after the Roman entertainment…

  2. If they were actual gladiators, the entire squad would be dead within a week.
    Also, might I add, the people who are in charge of catering there should be fed to the lions. There are some in Bristol zoo who look particularly sad, and like they would enjoy a change.

  3. I thought you were away, i just stopped by to give you your present.

  4. I think the Gloucester Gladiator was a rather useless WWII biplane. Not sure if Gloucestershire originally had it in mind when they came up with the team name though.

  5. Gladiators is not a great choice, but if you consider that the ‘PR bods’ were probably operating within the constraints of alliteration, what are the alternatives?

    Gluttons? (Maybe Jesse Ryder would be tempted to sign for a team with such a moniker…)
    Gladioli? Glitters? Glamourpusses?

    Incidentally, what would Jon Lewis’ gladiator name be?

  6. Do the players look more like Spartans? Coz that’s what the logo looks like.

  7. Not much in Gloucester, by the way of brains….nice birds thought wheahhhhhhhhhh!

  8. On a day when Fred Flintoff picks up an injury and Owais Shah gets blurred vision, it seems extraordinary to me that KC picks this bit of County cricket frivolity for his editorial.

    Buck up, KC, or else I shall have to consider cancelling my subscription.

  9. Ged dont forget Symonds drunkenly mouthing off too.

    It’s almost like he hasnt been paying attention at all…

  10. Prince Stickball

    January 27, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    It’s almost like he’s being conspicuously indifferent to cricket. The bounder!

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