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Matthew Hayden’s been getting a few rough decisions of late, as batsmen often do when the ball’s missing the bat time and time again.

Hayden says:

“Hawkeye I think gives you a pretty good understanding of what line the ball pitched at, but take my lbw decision in the second innings, which Hawkeye had hitting the top of off. Now, unless I’m a really poor cricketer, I’m telling you that’s going nowhere near the stumps.”

So either Hawkeye’s wrong in this instance or Matthew Hayden is a really poor cricketer. Those are the two options, there’s no middle ground and you HAVE to choose.


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  1. Hawkeye must be wrong. After all, Hayden has a proven track record of speaking perfect sense.

    Vic Marks’ piece in the Guardian recently was spot on.

  2. Well, why don’t you put up a poll? And have your readers choose between batty Matty and Hawkeye.

  3. I refuse to play by these rules.

    Matthew Hayden is (or at least was) a really good cricketer but he’s also a really bad mouthpiece and a really bad judge of technology.

    Yes, please I’d like some cake. Yes, please, I’d also like to eat it.

    It is Christmas after all.

    And may I be the first to congratulate Matty Hayden on his retirement in respect of his fine career.

    Remember where you read it first, folks.

  4. Here’s something that Langer said about his sightscreen. This guy is talking like an Investment Banker heavily invested in real estate instruments in 2007. 🙂

    “My gut feeling at the moment – albeit he has had a couple of tough decisions, he has been run out twice in his last four innings – is that maybe he is not sure,” Langer said. “There are whispers about retirement, about how long he is going to go on for and that can become a distraction.

    “If he decides he wants to go to England, brilliant, he will get on [with it] and his mind will allow him to keep scoring runs. If he doesn’t, if there is a bit of a grey area, then he is going to keep going through what is, by his standards, a rough patch. The important thing is to have good communication between the selectors and Matthew Hayden, who is a great player, and they go from there.”

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