JP Duminy shows South Africa’s resilience

Almost certain to get dropped while averaging over 100JP Duminy’s Test record is improving: one in his first innings, 50 not out in his second and 166 in his third.

The 166 kicks in the balls that he gave Australia’s bowlers were particularly useful as they helped produce 275 ball kicks for South Africa’s last three wickets. Those are some heavily kicked balls in that Aussie bowling attack.

It strikes us that South Africa are turning into the kind of side who you can never quite get on top of. You think you’re on top of them, then you look away for a moment and suddenly they’re standing above you calmly hefting a huge club with a nail in it while giving you a raised eyebrow look that says ‘our turn now’.

We’re also struck by the fact that Australia’s bowling attack only ever seems to have the feeblest, soapiest grip on the opposition these days.

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8 Appeals

  1. Lovely innings – lovely man too judging by his interview. Are we sure he is a saffer?

    The highlight of the day though sadly for the Masters’ household was not the graceful batting, but the hysterical circling and waving of Hussey doing a perfect embarrassing dad dance and failing by several yards to get anywhere near a skyer

  2. Agreed, Ceci. Possibly the first time I’ve been entertained by Mike Hussey – it got funnier every time they showed the replay.

    Great knock by Duminy, though. I actually found myself wanting him to get a big score, even though he’s a Saffer.

  3. Gotta love those Saffa tail enders. Yesterday I told the missus I’d be happy to go out and about but I just wanted to see the end of the South African innings first.

    Who would a thunk I would have ended up getting 7 hours of quality cricket time??

    Absolutely brilliant!
    other half wasn’t too happy about it)

  4. null pointer exception

    December 29, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Well, Hayden is out for 23. There will be much rejoicing in null pointer household tomorrow morning.

  5. There was no humour in his innings, he could learn a thing ro two from Hussey.

  6. I think we should all get up and boogie in the style of Mike Hussey to the tune of “Do The Hussle”, now subtly changed to “Do The Hussey”.

    I’m “Doing the Hussey” right now, humming the tune to myself.

  7. good batting by the rookie
    hopefully australia will learn something from him

  8. how wonderful it is to see australia’s crashing fall from up their own arseholes.

    bring on the ashes.

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