JP Duminy has just scored three off 65 balls

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That is… stellar. Particularly when you consider that he made three off 58 balls in the first innings.

He wasn’t alone either. You can see the full deadbattery in scorecard format here. South Africa were playing for a draw to secure the series and succeeded in fine complete-absence-of-style. Rangana Herath opened the bowling and delivered 45 overs.

30 of them were maidens.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. That was funny indeed. He will try anything to stay in the team, except pitching the ball while bowling.

  1. You were publishing this post as I was commenting on the previous post. Way to upend your loyal subject, your majesty!

  2. We’re approaching an interesting point in the England-India match – Cook’s first captaincy decision of note in this match. What will be the declaration total?

    I reckon there is a genuine debate about first innings declarations, because it is a legitimate tactic to say that your chances of winning are maximised by attempting to get a follow-on. In other words, batting to 650 might not be simply defensive. On the other hand, ten overs at the Indians tonight will also help.

    A six and a four from Buttler in this over. Some movement towards the latter option?

    1. Of course, it’s also important to let Bell get his triple century and Buttler his maiden double century, as they’re only 134 and 155 runs away respectively.

    2. It’s a fair point. It seems to be unacceptable not to declare if you are still in with an hour to go on the second day. Yet realistically, Englands best/only chance of winning this game it to enforce the follow on. Declare on 550, and India only need to make 350 to pretty much kill the game. Carry on for an hour into day 3, and with a bit of oomph you could have 700 and they are staring down the barrel of needing 500.

      Then again, that could mean your seamers bowling for pretty much three days straight.

    3. It’s that latter point that makes me think the follow-on is not a good idea, especially when it’s warm and muggy. I’d rather let the batsmen tonk it about for a few overs between innings, to let Anderson get his breath back. Not necessarily for long, but long enough to further demoralise the Indians.

      Of course, it all depends on how long it takes to get them out. With various batsmen using this match to get back into form, Virat will be licking his lips.

    4. I say bowl Anderson into the ground. It isn’t like he’ll be playing the next two games. Presumably Plunkett or Macleane will be back in next week.

      Plus, it’s vitally important that Buttler gets his century, then Khuma gets a fiver.

    5. I meant to say “Anderson et al.”, but the England bowling attack isn’t too far off “Anderson et al., with a bit of help from his pal Moeen” anyway.

    6. Al?

      He lives down in Hampshireland now, doesn’t he? They should have given him a call, I think he’s retired from running Ford.

    1. I believe we had a suggestion for “Moe and Joe: Part-Time Spinners: the Sitcom” earlier. Now it’s time for “Ali and Andy: the Beards that are Feared”.

  3. When jimmy Adams got to the point he could no longer buy a run, I re,member reading the criminal commentary line whilst at work… “That brings up Adams’ 50, off just seven runs” as one wag had it… This is more impressive still! Or less…


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