Can Pietersen affix England’s balls to the magic wall long-term?

Fast bowlers are very importantBefore this match Graeme Smith said that Kevin Pietersen might be successful in the short-term via the ‘balls to the wall approach’, so that’s what must have happened today.

But before half of you try and apply this colourful philosophy to your everyday lives, Graeme Smith also had a warning. He said the approach wasn’t sustainable. Big silent boo to Graeme Smith, everybody.

Wherever their balls were, it was nice to see England’s bowlers having a bit of fun.

England v South Africa, fourth Test at the Oval, day one
South Africa 194 all out (James Anderson 3-42)
England 49-1

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3 Appeals

  1. Smith certainly deserves a silent boo. He can’t even spell Graham properly.

  2. What is a balls to the wall approach? Do all the England players have to face the wall in the shower?

    What the heck is Pietersen doing in that changing room?

  3. I notice that Graeme Smith has claimed that the mysterious Balls to the Wall approach is only sustainable until the first time you bang your head.

    Curiouser and curiouser………

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