Kevin Pietersen likes an occasion

That was as good as a certainty, wasn’t it?

Kevin Pietersen likes a big match. He must be driven by stomach butterflies or something. We’re not quite sure how that would work, because even our rudimentary scientific knowledge tells us that there aren’t actually butterflies in there.

Kev, if you don't score a hundred then they're going to DESTROY THE WORLDHe went out to bat in the middle of England losing three wickets in as many overs. He was playing a Test against the country of his birth for the first time. He scores a remorseless hundred.

We particularly like the way he’s got no time at all for the bowling of Paul Harris. Yes, it’s tactical, but Pietersen tries to hit him out of the attack with a malicious glee.

Ian Bell did himself no end of good today as well. We wonder whether he read about Graham Thorpe this morning, because he adopted that very approach: 15 minutes of heart-in-mouth, counter-punching near-calamity leading to easy accumulation.

England v South Africa first Test at Lord’s, day one
England 309-3 (Kevin Pietersen 104 not out, Ian Bell 75 not out, Alastair Cook 60)

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  1. I’m listening to TMS here, Is it me, or does Phil Tufnell sound more and more like Bruce “Brucie” Forsythe every day?

  2. Neon, I’m sure that he’s Brucie’s love child, it really is uncanny.

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