Ravi Bopara does even more DIY

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If you’re tired of updates about an indifferent Ravi Bopara helping to promote Nuts magazine via a National Shed Week PR stunt, then you might want to stop reading now.

Because here’s Ravi standing outside a shed with his drill and his barbecue and also his rake:

He's clearly having a whale of a time

We’re hungry by proxy after looking at that.

Now here’s Ravi hard at work, pointing a drill in no particular direction while sitting outside his shed on an office chair.

All aboard the wish-I-was-somewhere-else train

It’s what we all do outside our sheds: wave drills about while sitting on office chairs.

Except us that is, because our shed is made of asbestos and therefore UTTERLY LETHAL.

Thanks a bunch Ravi. Thanks for trying to kill us. We’d say stick to the tiling, but you were crap at that as well.


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  1. He’s about to embark on some Michael Vaughan style DIY knee surgery. Got to keep the old knees in tip top order, don’t you know.

  2. She certainly looks as if she could do with a decent pasty and pea super inside her.

    Maybe it’s just Ravi is near by and she’s far away.

  3. Well she’s only far away laterally. We don’t think that’s possible.

    Someone get a physicist on the phone. Can you defy the dimensions that way?

  4. Think she’s far away mentally, wishing she was with someone with a much bigger drill

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