Peter Siddle to make his Test debut

His name rhymes with Lidl - this is to be celebratedStuart Clark’s injured, so arch woodchopper, Peter Siddle, looks set to make his Test debut for Australia in the second Test against India at Mohali.

Ricky Ponting said:

“He’s a no-nonsense sort of guy and no-nonsense sort of bowler who will run in and deliver what you want him to deliver.”

Which is, presumably, the ball.

Go Peter Siddle! Deliver the correct object in no-nonsense fashion!

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6 Appeals

  1. Hurrah! Here is no nonsense Peter delivering a no nonsense spear straight at Ganguly! Just what the Punter ordered!

    Do join Ne, Sarah from Canterbury and me at

  2. Genius!

    Reminds me of a lad called Bob Hart, my schools ’eminent ‘ fast bowler i.e. he was tall but that was about it, who managed to throw a javelin through his ear at an athletics meeting in Macclesfield.


  3. Ceci> Priceless HAHAH!

  4. Presumably Rob Key would want him to deliver a pizza.

  5. Thank you for mentioning Rob Key, Ged, – for I have wanted an excuse to post this. Inspired by Vin’s fab cartoon and by a pic of sixsixeight, and by the King’s love for Pink Bobby: Bobby chases a runaway pie

  6. Ceci – It’s good to see Rob Key in motion at last. All the other Key-pie/burger shots have been with Rob static and the food doing the workout. At least this way he’s already burned off the pie-related calories.

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