A fact and a question from the Gabba

What we learnt last night:

  • Stew is not a stimulant

And here’s a question for you:

  • Shouldn’t Mitchell Johnson’s tattooed arm be ‘the doing arm’?

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11 Appeals

  1. Depends what you put in the stew.

    Depends what you want to do with the arm.

  2. How can you call beef carbonade,albeit made with Guinness,stew KC sire?It kept you going till the stumps so yes,it is a simulant.

  3. Thank goodness! I was fearing a Venn diagram from Ged with “Things you put in stew” and “Things you do with arm”, with a small intersection.

  4. I wouldn’t do that to you, or indeed anyone else, DC.

    Ceci might, though.

  5. King Cricket

    November 25, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    V, carbonade is excellent and sustaining, but there is a definite danger of sleep immediately following consumption.

    We were strong enough to resist.

    Others were not.

  6. Ged, in a piece of absent mindedness at work, I was “researching” Venn diagrams. You may or may not know that John Venn, the man who created the Venn Diagram as part of mathematics, also invented later in his life a bowling machine.


    Conclusive proof that cricket and Venns have ever been linked!

  7. You can absent-mindedly spill your dregs over your spare duvet. You can absent-mindedly overcook your stew or over-season said stew with sedatives.

    But how on earth do you “absent-mindedly research Venn diagrams”, string?

    Still, many thanks to you, the fruits of your research have made my day.

    Ged’s day is easily made, I hear you all cry.

  8. In fairness I didn’t spill any dregs on the Summer weight duvet, but this evening I did manage to dip the corner in my bowl of chilli. I’ll get the cat to lick it off so no harm done.

  9. Well, Ged. After a long night in front of the telly on Wednesday, everything I did yesterday was absent minded. If anything, it’s the use of the word “research” that could be questioned…

  10. Nonsense, nonsense, string. Pure research – the depth of your knowledge about John Venn is simply astonishing.

    You are almost half way to a phd in my opinion.

    To celebrate, I have composed a post-modern venn to mark the occasion.


  11. Actually, more accurate would be:


    Perhaps I have exerted myself enough on absent-minded displacement activity now and should get on with the actual thing I am supposedly writing today.

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