A fact and a question from the Gabba

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What we learnt last night:

  • Stew is not a stimulant

And here’s a question for you:

  • Shouldn’t Mitchell Johnson’s tattooed arm be ‘the doing arm’?


  1. How can you call beef carbonade,albeit made with Guinness,stew KC sire?It kept you going till the stumps so yes,it is a simulant.

  2. Thank goodness! I was fearing a Venn diagram from Ged with “Things you put in stew” and “Things you do with arm”, with a small intersection.

  3. V, carbonade is excellent and sustaining, but there is a definite danger of sleep immediately following consumption.

    We were strong enough to resist.

    Others were not.

  4. You can absent-mindedly spill your dregs over your spare duvet. You can absent-mindedly overcook your stew or over-season said stew with sedatives.

    But how on earth do you “absent-mindedly research Venn diagrams”, string?

    Still, many thanks to you, the fruits of your research have made my day.

    Ged’s day is easily made, I hear you all cry.

  5. In fairness I didn’t spill any dregs on the Summer weight duvet, but this evening I did manage to dip the corner in my bowl of chilli. I’ll get the cat to lick it off so no harm done.

  6. Well, Ged. After a long night in front of the telly on Wednesday, everything I did yesterday was absent minded. If anything, it’s the use of the word “research” that could be questioned…

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