Trent Bridge cricket tickets

This is the Trent Bridge ticket site.

As far as the 2019 Cricket World Cup goes, tickets sold incredibly quickly. The ICC will be launching an official resale site, but in the meantime you can buy tickets here.

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground is home to Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. It held its first Test match in 1899, between England and Australia and is one of England’s traditional Test match grounds. The current capacity is around 17,000 following development in 2007.

Trent Bridge tends to favour swing bowling and it is thought that since the new stand was built, the ball has swung even more. Theories revolve around increased warmth and moisture in the air as a result of the pitch now being enclosed on all stands.

Trent Bridge is one of the finest grounds in the country at which to watch cricket, being compact and with tickets inevitably selling out. It hosts Test matches, ODIs and occasionally Twenty20 internationals.


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