Wasim Akram and irresponsible swing

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For those who missed it, this is our latest Stu and Ash piece for Cricinfo. It’s about Wasim Akram against England in the 1992 World Cup, which is well worth seeking out on YouTube by the way. We’d link to a video, but, you know, we’d have to open another tab and then copy the link and basically we’re just feeling really lazy.

Several of the people commenting on this latest Cricinfo piece seemed to actually quite like it. We’re not too sure what to make of that. It’s very hard to work out what constitutes ‘success’ when it comes to our Cricinfo articles.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. “What a very disappointing article there from Wally Boxden” – That comment pwned the rest.

  2. These comments – and those under the cricinfo thingy are frightfully disappointing. Where are the romance, passion and mutual grooming as in your last piece? It’s a cold dank Sunday and I need more of Bert’n’Sazza, And if I can’t have that I’d like the King in full on whinge mode “Well, good news everybody. I bloody loathe my job right now. I can feel my body becoming distended from the excess bile even now I’m home.”

    1. A room!

      I thought he said “Get a broom.” Oh bloody hell! I’ve been sat up all night with a patio brush in my hands, a little confused I must admit, but nonetheless looking forward to whatever broom-related amusement could be had.

      Anyway, sorry about that Sarah. I hope your evening wasn’t a complete disappointment. I know mine wasn’t.

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