Speaking of Pakistan…

Because surely you are. Australia are 136-5 in reply to Pakistan’s 570-6 at the time of writing. Younis Khan is averaging over 200 in the series. Unless this current partnership really goes somewhere, that’s better than Australia’s top six combined.

But never mind unheralded Pakistani bowlers ripping through top Test teams. Time was, they had incredibly well-known bowlers who ripped through Test teams. Wasim Akram is our second King of Cricket for All Out Cricket.

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5 Appeals

  1. Superb article. Sharp corners – brilliant.

  2. Yes, it is a good piece.

    But I’d like to return to the subject of “that photo” of yours on the All Out Cricket site.

    Seeing it alongside the picture of Wasim, I imagine you with a bit more hair, donning lime-coloured pajamas, throwing your arms out in jubilation having taken a wicket – you ARE Wasim’s mini me.

    Underexposed in so many ways, KC.

    Seriously good piece. Brought a lot of memories back. Made me realise how lucky I am to have witnessed Wasim and Waqar in test action live.

  3. Hi KC.

    Your article on Waqar is wonderful too, it’s brought a big smile to my face on the two times I’ve now chanced upon it.


    Chomolungma, Mother Goddess of the World

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