We haven’t written about Sachin Tendulkar

We’ve instead written about writing about Sachin Tendulkar over at Cricinfo.

Within minutes of it being published, it had already attracted insightful comment:

“Now finally great person retirement time will came But We expecting good support for younger with their experience. This Type of great person very low volume coming.”

Translation software may well have been put to use there. Translation software is gash.

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26 Appeals

  1. Come on, it’s more eloquent than certain dialects of England 😉

    • Nice.

      And a very useful general purpose sand sculpture as well. Once all this Tendulkar mania has died down, he can use it again to honour practically anyone with only a change to the words – Tendulkar, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Cliff, Jimmy Nail, Demis Roussos, Kylie Minogue, the sculptor’s mother…

      Looking at it again, I reckon this has happened already.

    • Morgan Freeman, Maggie Thatcher and Richard Whiteley off of Countdown.

    • I’ve been to that beach. People poo on it. There’s poo in that sand sculpture.

  2. He’s batting…

  3. Actually, that makes about as much sense as some of the CricInfo comments I’ve read that do not appear to be the products of translation software.

  4. 1. The Ford Mondeo was the third biggest selling car in Peru in 1998
    2. A carburettor isn’t required on most modern day cars
    3. Cars can in theory have anything from two to eight seats, although in practice it’s very rarely three, and even more rarely six

    Seven more to go for my Daily Mail article – Tendulkar Facts

  5. Am I allowed to write something that doesn’t quite belong to any of the six? If pushed, I’d say it’s a combination of Romance and My Experience.


  6. I had to practise low volume coming when I moved back in with my parents

  7. personally i was very impressed by windies’ proper, old-skool tail-that-refuses-to-wag performance in their first innings: their 8-9-10-jack scored 0,0,0 and 1. top notch!

    meanwhile, SRT looks ominously placed to go out with a bang, having played himself in nicely and being all set to enjoy the best of a pitch which traditionally is most batsman-friendly on day 2. i wonder what odds you would get on his being out to shillingford’s first ball tomorrow? probably better than the odds you’d get against his making a ton now, but i wonder if it shouldn’t be the other way round…

  8. class article btw yer maj 🙂

  9. …aaaaand there’s the predictable anticlimax.

  10. heh – yep, right on cue…

    1. there once was a batsman named sachin
    his nonpareil stats beyond machin
    but the slavish esteem
    for this indian wet dream
    left me raw from a surfeit of scrachin

    (not very good i know. best i could concoct as i struggled back to sleep, after my daughter wet the bed in the middle of the night)

    2. when i read that don bradman had included SRT in his all-time test eleven, i knew – just knew – that we would never hear the last of it

    • King Cricket

      November 15, 2013 at 8:13 am

      Was there anyone else in it? We’ve never heard of there being a second player in that side.

    • the sad thing is, i actually know the whole team. got the book out the library shortly after it was published… don’t think it went on to be a massive bestseller or anything. anyway – it is a pretty easy list to remember so i never had to try very hard, it’s just in there (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it)

      fwiw the only things anyone here needs to know about it are as follows:

      – it’s packed with aussies
      – there’s only one pom in the eleven
      – sir don made sure he got in a supremely backhanded compliment/deadly insult for wally hammond by naming him as 12th man

      oh yeah, and he insisted on doing it with his captain/selector hat on, so false modesty be damned, he picked himself at first drop…

  11. Strangely, the abiding memory that passed through my head, tinged with nostalgia and romance, was illustrated in the Torygraph this week:


    Sachin with that flat cap, cricket bat and pint of Tet in the heady summer of 1992.

    It wasn’t just Yorkshire cricket and Sachin who were changed forever that summer, mine changed too.

    If only I had taken a picture of Daisy with a flat cap, cricket bat and pint of Tet when we met that year – just think how differently it all might have turned out. (She’d probably have tried to flatten me with the bat back then, now I come to think of it, but you get my point.) If only Ceci were around at the moment to illustrate this point…

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